Where the money goes

Mayor Gabe Campana courted Kohls with millions of dollars in services, parking and property at the expense of taxpayers. In theory, this brought more money back to the downtown. Numerous building projects have received cooperation from Campana’s administration and City Council. The city’s willingness to cooperate with big business during the past decade has brought in renovations to the Market Street bridge, a new Starbucks, and the city hospital has almost doubled in size. Downtown Williamsport is booming.

Meanwhile, the west end is lagging. The (Bethune) center and the Memorial Park pool are both closed down. Youths that normally had positive places to spend their time may now end up roaming the streets. Williamsport citizens and politicians need to consider the possibility that spending the city’s money downtown may be robbing other areas. This is an inquiry that requires careful consideration.

Michael Shulski


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom