A violation of civil rights

It’s time for all local landlords to take a stand against what has been a farce as Jeff Bower stated in his letter to the editor. Our city administrator’s are trying to impose a mandatory registration of tenants, based on the false premise of crime control. The registering of tenants will no more control crime then the city’s attempt at implementing police officer’s do a half-hour walk on their shift. Their has been more drug activity and shootings this year in our city than ever before.

It is not the job of local landlord’s to keep track of criminals, I was under the understanding that is what our tax dollars were used for. To pay the police force to do just that. As I stated in my previous letter, those individuals on the lease are not always those living in the unit. The law states a 24 hour notice must be given by the landlord for any type of inspection.

Common sense will tell you that in the 24-hour period, those individuals not on the lease, surely will not be present when the landlord comes for the inspection. So again, I ask the taxpayers of our city, what is this new ordinance really about? It is a violation of civil rights and I will never support it.

Rhonda Santalucia


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom