Aggressive Approach

Williamsport is well aware of the heroin and gun violence that is plaguing our city. Mayor Campana had a meeting with the Neighborhood Coordinators which was a step in the right direction.

I have had many calls about starting Neighborhood Watches and what is expected if one is organized in your neighborhoods.

It is very easy and we suggest you only take a small area. We have organizers to help and we discuss what to be aware of at our meetings. The meetings can be a month or even every other month. We are trying to hold meetings right in your area that is more convenient to all. There are many ways to help you get involved and do what needs to be done in our neighborhoods.

Senior Citizens can help in many ways and not even leave your homes. Mayor Campana is aware that we need an aggressive approach.

Mayor Campana and District Attorney Eric Linhardt are both aware of the importance of Neighborhood Watches. They are the eyes and ears of this city and have in the past and will in the future be a good asset for the City of williamsport. The information that they gather and meet to discuss what is happening in their own neighborhoods. Sharing this important information with the proper authorities has been very helpful in the past and also will be in the future.

Using Neighborhood Watches will help to tightened these criminals up and now is when we need to help. In the next few months we need to be more aggressive in our community.

Kids going back to school need to be talked to by their parents and need to be very careful with whom they travel around with. It is scary that our children have to be involved in drugs and gun violence.

We need to step up and help Mayor Campana with what he is purposing for our city. Whatever the mayor is proposing, it is for what is best for the city and the safety of all of us.

Sally L Wiegand


Submitted by Virtual?Newsroom