I’m still trying to reason why the people that we voted into office voted to allow American “citizens” (sorry Seattle) to be arrested, charged, and imprisoned indefinitely without trail or representation of a lawyer. Now everybody in all the law enforcement departments down to the Fish and Wildlife Department has every bit of our information. So, with all my Patriotic and Constitutional ranting and raving, I’m wondering if and when I could get a knock at the door. And I’m wondering what I would do.

But let’s look at what they can do. It goes without saying that this bunch is not to be messed with. As I said above, they can cart you away and no one will hear from you again. Watch the movies, “The Pelican Brief” and “Mercury Rising”; even “Enemy of the State”, and see what they could do back in those years. One way they notice you, while scanning your electronic communications, is by using peculiar words. In the second “Bourne” movie the word was “Briarblack”. And then you are a target to “debrief” and maybe disappear. The people “protecting” us are scanning the airwaves for bad people talking to other bad people; or some unlucky soul using the wrong word or phrase at the wrong time. They can go after your family, your career, your reputation; they can make your life a living nightmare. Do you feel safe criticizing your government?

Gregory Weigle

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom