Articles about our bridges

For the past couple weeks, there have been several articles about the need for more money to fix unsound bridges. All of these articles along with the website they refer us to for additional information fail to provide an important piece of information.

Just how many vehicles use each bridge each day. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation site, Bridge Information, lists all of the deficient local bridges in Lycoming County and I would bet that half of those bridges have less than a dozen vehicles using them each day. Does anyone have the traffic count for these bridges that justifies spending millions of dollars for a stream crossing that probably only serves a few of our local rural meth labs?

And if local municipalities want to see an example of an inexpensive bridge, take a ride on Route 15 north and look to your left at the Blossburg exit very functional high strength bridge over a small waterway consisting of a low boy trailer that still has the tires on it. It probably cost less than $5,000 to construct and built to hold the weight of heavy equipment.

Al Sever