Attacking heroin

It is no secret that Williamsport is involved with a very serious problem of Heroin… I am sure that everybody living in Williamsport and surrounding areas knows this and are worried about what is happening and especially now that the kids are going back to school. With so many rental properties in Williamsport there has to be a way that landlords are occupying their rentals. Many landlords live else where and don’t care as long as they are getting their money.

The problem is that landlords have no control over who lives in these apartments and house. Maybe 2 people rent their properties and after they more in a few other people are moving in also.

I am a landlord and I make sure my tenants are screened and I know who lives in my apartments that they abide by the lease that they signed when they moved in. Abiding by the proposed landlord-tenant does not necessarily mean good landlords are lumped with the abusers in their profession.

This task force that Judge Butts is organizing is being organized for what purpose?

At times when these programs are organized they turn out to be just talk sessions. I myself have been involved and people turn out to discuss problems and end up doing nothing to correct the problem. We don’t need a lot of talking, what we need is action. There has to be a definite plan so that everybody on board knows what the purpose is and to stick by the plan in order to make it work.

Not all landlords are qualified to be on a drug task force. All the people that the judge has mentioned in the paper are fine but not everybody will be qualified to serve on this project.

More and more people are coming to start more watches and we will continue on fighting. We have a plan to offer people involved in Neighborhood Watches. We don’t just organize but we have a plan of action and so far it is working. Neighborhood Watches have donated a large amount of time and effort in helping the authorities to come down on criminals.

The idea of trying to help rehabilitate people on drugs is a great idea and we all feel the same way. My question is will they stay off drugs or go back on them again? In the meantime, we need to keep working with our watches to bring the dealers down. The shootings that are happening are because people are not paying for the drugs and the dealers are going after them.

Williamsport needs to go after the drug dealers coming into town in order to stop the drug traffic.

Once we catch the dealers the courts need to put them in prison to serve time.

All citizens need to be involved behind the scenes and if we all do our part we can finally clean our community up. Make it tough in Williamsport for drug dealers and hopefully that will take care of people getting shot and eliminate people from taking the drugs.

Sally L. Wiegand


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom