Cat concerns

To people that care about the well-being of cats in Williamsport, today there was another cat captured on memorial avenue. The second one in a week by the same people. These two cats belong to my neighbors. The SPCA supplies these cages to anyone who wants them. The person who traps the cats lures them with food, this is what I saw. No water!

This was the first cat by the way. The cat had no water for over 6 hours. The police did nothing. The SPCA was called by me. The person who done this did not attend to the cat. We had to do something, it was hot out. They came. They took the cat with the owner present, only to make her come to the SPCA to pay $40+ to get her cat back. I always thought cats could run free.

If you don’t want a cat in your yard, there are safe products you can buy to deter them off your property. All of my neighbors are afraid to let their cats out now. This is abuse. This is a cat, not a rat!

Nancy M. Treese


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom