Clean up for Series

The time of year when Williamsport and the surrounding areas are “hosts” to people from all over the world is quickly approaching. The Little League World Series begins Thursday and runs through August 25th.

I have brought this issue to light in previous letters and it seems the governments that are involved just don’t care what the area looks like to visitors. Where? The litter and junk on E. Third St. from the CA Reed walk-over to River Ave. and the same area on the beltway.

It is deplorable. It looks like a “slum/ghetto” area.

I do not understand what is so difficult in keeping this area clean. We have municipal workers (who are overwhelmed with cut-backs that are happening) but we have a crowded work-release facility that has very able bodies who could be out picking the litter up and helping the municipal workers.

I am hoping this area is cleaned up before our guests arrive. We have enough negativeity in the area lately with the shootings and drugs – we don’t have to “look” the part too.

For those of you who see this as your personal dumping site – knock it off! For the municipalities involved – let’s take a little more pride in how we look to others and get the mess taken care of.

Alesandria (Sandy) Hughes


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom