Critique of media

I do one impression and it’s entitled, “The modern media’s dream story”. So, here it goes: “Good evening. Today O.J. Simpson murdered two people, hijacked an airplane, crashed it into the World Trade Center, and went on a date with Taylor Swift. Details are sketchy at this hour, but sources tell me, O.J. has tweeted a picture of his genitalia.

We don’t know where O.J. is. However, Zimmerman is on the case. Join us later for an exclusive special titled; “Body Parts: What Would Jesus Tweet?”

I’m one of the rare progressives who listens to Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck. Simply because, it’s the only political talk one can get in this area and I savor a good laugh. But, the tragic thing is, I read so many people on this page regurgitating a sentiment I have already heard on either TV or talk radio.

Do you people have any thoughts of your own on the matters at hand? Or, do you just get outraged over what liberal and mostly conservative outlets tell you to be outraged about?

For example, the Zimmerman trial. I defy any conservative, gun advocate, lunatic, etc. who would not tell their son or daughter; “If an armed stranger is stalking you…hurt them.” I also would defy any “liberal” who was pro-privacy when Bush/Cheney were wiretapping, but, all of the sudden, hunky dory when President Obama is normalizing the same McCarthyistic practice.

But, that’s just me. I don’t rely on the media for my opinion. I ruminate various channels, publications, and websites, in order to ultimately arrive at an evidence-based conclusion.

Conclusion being, Republicans are anti-intellectual, Democrats are weak, marijuana should not be criminalized, and if Zimmerman had been smoking it he would’ve never left his house. Good luck hearing that on the O’Reilly Factor.

Michael Sullivan


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom