Sun-Gazette’s editorials, 7 Jan. “2011:”

Citizens must become organized to help the police curb the violence, shootings and drug dealers from operating in the city.

July 21, “2013”: The heroin battle plan is worth pursuing and needs to work after more shootings. The plan calls for more surveillance cameras, patrols and special operational groups paid for with forfeiture money.

I’m very cynical! After 14 years Americans realized outlawing alcohol was a failure, but after 42 years and unable to keep illegal drugs out of prison, we’re unable to admit criminalizing drugs was misguided. The War on Drugs creates millions of felons out of law abiding citizens, cost taxpayers over $50 billion yearly, interdicts only 10 percent of illegal drugs, and prison population exceeds two million with 54% institutionalized for simple possession and trafficking of drugs.

Drug dealers are making exorbitant profits from drug criminalization, and Government is subverting our basic freedoms: The Fourth Amendment, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, Fifth, depriving citizens of property without due process of law, Sixth, denying citizens a speedy and public trial, and unjustly seizing 7 billion in private property since 1985.

The Bill of Rights is being eroded, police departments are becoming militarized, reminiscent of police state tactics with the black ninja suits and masks and their 80,000 no-knock, warrant-less searches in 2011, plus thousands of children have armed themselves and are killing to protect their lives and lucrative contraband from thieves and other gang members.

Isn’t it about time to eliminate drug dealers, gang killings, and infringement upon our basic liberties by decriminalizing, taxing, and treating drugs as we do alcohol?

William L. Emick


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom