Several years ago I authored a letter to the editor about not paying respect to our country by failing to remove hats during the playing of the national anthem. To me it is showing respect for the many men and women that have fought for our freedom.

Many returned home with injuries that will stay with them for a lifetime while other gave their life for us.

It is my privilege to choose to honor these brave individuals in keeping our nation free!

I have never served in any of the military branches however my father served in the Army and was fortunate to leave Pearl Harbor just 7 days before the attack.

I still pay tribute to our heroes by standing at attention with my hat off during the playing of our national anthem.

Today, I am writing about another issue that I feel we fall short in honoring our past and present military and our prisoners of war.

This issue is the condition of flags that many fly each day. Too many are tattered , ripped or just hanging on by one end.

Recently, a surrounding U. S. Post Office was flying a POW flag that was ripped by the winds and looked like a kite with a tail.

I do appreciate the many people that display our nations flag. I would ask the all of us that have flags out be diligent in keeping an eye on the condition of the flag.

This is a very little action that each of us can take to honor the many men and women , past and present that have served our nation to keep us free!

Bill Burget


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom