Kudos to Dr. Anthony Cipolla for taking a stand against flouridation! This is a courageous move for a dentist in today’s world. Especially when most of his colleagues would be on the opposite side of the spectrum.

It is interesting that we are seeing a re-re-emergence of this issue. This argument has been going on for many years. Back in the 60’s, the late Tony Meconi, former businessman and City Council member; spoke out often about the hazards of flouride in the water.

Flouride is a waste mineral that has been touted as preventing or delaying the decay process in human teeth; however, there is much evidence that is widely known, that the dangers outweigh the benefits. Long term exposure has been suspected to cause many health problems, and over time, some serious conditions or diseases.

Just recently, it has been reported that the nation of Israel will discontinue use of flouride in their water systems, within one year!

I remember a cartoon that appeared in the former Williamsport Shopper’s Guide, talking about flouride, that depicted a man standing over a casket of a dead person at a viewing…as he says to another man, “Poor John, he died so young.” And the other man replies…”Yes, but doesn’t he have a beautiful set of teeth?” That pretty much says it all about flouride.

I go to a naturalpathic dentist who will remove mercury fillings by request, and does not use them to fill teeth. He uses only the white fillings due to the overwhelming evidence about the harmful effects of mercury to the human body.

While even some nutritionists and naturalpathic physicians sometimes promote the use of flouride in preventing cavities; I find that most of them do not. They believe flouride is toxic to humans, and should not be used at all in drinking water! It might be okay in toothpaste and mouthwashes, which are not swallowed, but not to ingest.

There are many other ways to strengthen teeth, mainly with supplementation of minerals like calcium, magnesium and some trace minerals. However, these minerals must be taken in the most absorbable forms. Speaking as a nutritionally informed layman, I totally agree with Dr. Cipolla on this issue! Alkaline water is still another way to balance the body chemistry to help with the better absorbtion of minerals etc.

Frank J. Fedele