For the park

We wanted to add our voices to the recent discussion about Rider Park. We have been, for some time, walking the trails of the Park a couple times each week. The Park, just north of Warrensville, is very accessible. The area is well maintained. The trails are inviting to the hikers and the walkers, and there are beautiful views over nearby stream valleys and communities The signs of wildlife are abundant, and if you are fortunate to run into Rob Beach, you can get him to show you his motion pictures of bears, wild felines and other wildlife captured by his motion-sensitive camera stationed on trails in the park.

We have never seen rattlesnakes, but apparently Mr. Beach has, and this would be likely in any regional mountain area. The well-maintained trails provide safety for adults, children and leashed dogs.

The family-owners have chosen not to have gas drilling on this wild and beautiful land, although that valuable resource presumably would be available to them through arrangements with ajoining owners.

There are a couple picnic tables near the park area, and it is refreshing to note that users are respectful of the area and keep it litter-free.

George Bossert, retired Vice President at Loyalsock High School

Thomas C. Raup, retired Lycoming County Judge