For the work crews

Good morning, commissioners and Lycoming County Prison administration. Could we please get the work crews out picking up trash litter garbage that is ignorantly tossed by so many kids and adults? Get the community service people out twice a day picking up trash and or litter from our city’s streets. Youth group homes of young criminal offenders as well, get them out in mornings and afternoons when school kids can see them and hopefully learn something positive.

Crossing guards are needed for confusion corners at Brandon Park for the school kids’ safety crossing that area. Parents that don’t work but could and don’t pay taxes yet demand so much more could provide that service , for the kids huh? Speaking of kids, doesn’t the president watch ESPN? How come he couldn’t make his way to the Little League World Series? He cares so much about the kids doesn’t he?

John Nile Updegraff


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom