Apparently, like always, the Sun Gazette has ignored the possible benefits the Obama Care offers and focused only on the negatives. The possible positive benefits include:

No annual limits on healthcare

Insurance companies can’t drop you when you’re sick

You can’t be denied coverage for pre-existing conditions

Obama care has a strong focus on preventive services

A large improvement to women’s health services

Reforms to the healthcare industry to cut wasteful spending

Better care and protections for seniors

Instead, the Sun- Gazette, like most biased conservatives, likes to criticize without offering any real benefits or alternatives. What other alternative s do conservatives offer to the greatest social reform since Social Security? What will it cost? Who really knows?

Like the policies of FDR in 1934 regarding Social Security it was stated that “Conservatives claimed his policies were socialism in disguise, and that an interfering activist government was destroying a proud history of self-reliance.” Sound familiar?

Ron Kamzelski


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom