Today I heard on my local WETM News that a Pennsylvania judge barred the Voter ID law for the upcoming November elections. This infuriates me and our organization, the Mansfield Tea Party. “We the People” must put a stop to this. If you agree and think we should take a bus to Harrisburg and are willing to go, let us know.

We hire legislatures to work and protect us. But then somebody, afraid of not getting elected, complains that the law will not prevent voter fraud and find a judge to do their bidding and thereby control the Elections. What better way than buying a judge.

Supposedly, this law hurts senior, young, poor, etc. because they will not be able to go to the polls. There are very few that do not have some form of ID.

After all, they need it to open a bank account, get into college, work, and accept assistance with food, welfare and housing.

This being said, where is the problem with those who will not be able to vote. Here in Mansfield many can get a ride to their local polls.

The Voter ID Law went into effect in 2012 when President Obama was elected; it has been barred ever since. Rather makes you think, huh?

Ida Temple


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom