Local airport

For the past couple weeks, you have had articles about building a new expensive airport terminal. We don’t need a new terminal if 88 % of locals fly out of other nearby airports.

I would gladly sit in a cold, empty hangar at the local airport waiting for flights if the local airport had flights at reasonable costs.

I just puled up ticket prices for a vacation to Mexico city in January or February. The price for a roundtrip flight to fly out of Williamsport is $610 vs $485 at 8 other airports in easy driving distance. For a couple, the difference is $250 that could pay for driving to another airport; parking for a week; cost of a hotel within two blocks of the Mexico City Zocalo for the week; entrance fees to several museums.

If 88 percent of locals don’t use the facility, why not tear it down? Quit throwing tax payers money down this rathole!

Al Sever


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom