Your assertion (editorial, 8/16) that Obamacare will be unaffordable to the majority of workers and businesses is based on misinformation about the new Affordable Care Act.

“Rate shock” is a myth the evidence is already in. States like Colorado and California have already set up their insurance exchanges under the ACA, and rates are the same or lower as current plans. In New York, the ACA plans for individuals will cost 50% or less than they do now, according to Bloomberg News.

Health insurance as it exists now is unaffordable to a great many workers and small businesses.

Health care costs have risen at a far higher rate than the rate of inflation every year over the past decade, and people who have to buy insurance on their own are the ones who have been hurt the most.

The exchanges, or marketplaces, being set up in the states are designed to give the rest of us the benefit of belonging to a large group, such as Medicare or big corporations, which will finally bring coverage within a price range that the majority of Americans can afford.

Pennsylvanians haven’t seen the numbers yet, because Governor Corbett nixed setting up a state exchange and left it up to the federal government to do so. But when enrollment opens on October 1, we may be pleasantly surprised.

That’s why opponents are pulling out all the stops to repeal the law now.

The House has already voted 40 times to repeal the law, even though there was never any chance that it would pass the Senate and survive a presidential veto. They’ve wasted enough of their time and our money on this exercise in futility.

It’s time for people to learn the facts about this new law of the land, so that they can find out how it will benefit them. I hope this paper will be part of that educational effort.

Alison Hirsch


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom