Mistaken allegation

Over the past two weeks or so I have seen at least two letters making the mistaken allegation that City Council and the Mayor are delaying the construction of a new office building on the site of the now demolished former landmark that housed the original Williamsport grower’s market.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. While we are grateful for the future investment in Williamsport that Mr. Klingerman has proposed, we understand that the project will not be undertaken for a period of at least three years and it is for this reason the agreement was made between the City and the developer to lease the vacant land for parking while the replacement deck for Midtown is being built.

It’s somewhat of a win/win situation for both parties as the developer receives income through our lease contract for use of the land and the payment the City receives from the parking will pretty much pay for the costs of constructing the lot. There will also be noticeable improvements to the side streets and adjacent area around the lot providing a much more aesthetically pleasing entry into the city via Market St.

While it’s understandable that proposed building concepts create excitement and anticipation it’s also important to remember that long lasting benefits from these projects require planning and coordination so that renewal and revitalization can be effected far beyond any particular project.

Finally, rest assured this council and administration would not intentionally delay any development that will bring jobs and growth into Williamsport. We would have found somewhere else to park the cars..

Councilman Randall J Allison


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom