Our youth

First I would like to thank the First Lady for her contributions to our youth in getting them active and eating healthier. As we all know, youth obesity is on the increase in our country and poses a real risk to the health of our kids. We cite lack of exercise and “unhealthy foods” for this trend, but they are not the only reasons. Let’s go back to when I was young.

First of all, the only time I was inside the house was when it was raining, otherwise there was so much to do outside. During the summer Mom and Dad didn’t see us much. First of all we went swimming in the creek; all day long. Or, since I lived in what was called the “Antes Addition”, north of the city, we would go hiking up in the mountains. Yes, we got lost once, but since some of us were Boy Scouts, we finally found our way home. We worked at the local drive-in, cleaning the place during the day and helping out at night. On the week-ends it was the dances at the Montoursville fire hall and the “Y” or Grotto or M/D or even at Britts or the tennis courts. We either walked or rode our bikes downtown and there were people shopping in stores like the Carroll House, L.L. Stearns, the 5&10, Harder’s, Woolworth, Thrift Drugs, Kelchner’s (for a cherry Coke), the Keystone/ State theater (.25); you understand, there were stores and things to do in town.

The gist of all this is that we were outside doing things, not sitting in front of a computer, or texting on a cell phone, or playing video games on a tablet. Don’t even get me started on games that don’t keep score or somebody being sued because their child was hurt while playing said games. I’ve gotten hurt, been beat on, made fun of, and dealt with it. If I went home and complained, my parents made fun of me.

Get your kids outside and playing; that should be the First Lady’s message to our youth.

Gregory Weigle

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom