Paying bills

Was that a joke or was Josh Brokaw’s article on July 22 (City woman asks landlord to lend a hand with water bill) for real? He did not say anything in his article as to why Marlene Cofer was on disability. Now don’t get me wrong, maybe her situation is legit, but time and again we either read or hear in the news media of some people who are taking advantage of government handouts because they are too lazy to work and feel they are entitled to a free ride at the tax payers or some one else’s expense.

These days, I can’t help being cynical or suspicious of some people on disability and/or public assistance, for that matter, because I’ve known several people over the years who were wheelchair-bound but still worked. That’s because they wanted to work.

There is no reason for her landlord to pay any portion of her water bill or any other utility bill, for that matter. Maybe she’d be happier if her rent was $650 a month with free water.

Maybe Ms. Cofer and others who are in this situation should look at what they can cut out of their monthly expenses so they can pay their own way, such as cable TV and Internet, junk foods, etc.

Now it seems Ms. Cofer’s water bill is every three months; can’t she set some money aside each month like most people do? Is there some reason (other than being on disability) as to why she can’t get a part time job to make ends meet like baby sitting or light janitorial work?

All she would have to earn and bring home would be just about $26 a week. If she just worked 15 hours a week at minimum wage she’d gross about $78. That would certainly pay for her water bill.

George Lockett


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom