Did you notice how Chief Justice John Roberts surprised everyone by voting for the A.C.A.? Or how Rep. Michelle Bachman decided not to run again? While not surprising to some, to me “Something isn’t right in Mudville”.

We have a president who, in each of his political runs for office, has had sealed court actions involving his opponents opened (illegal) for his campaign. He won both elections.

We have Justice John Roberts changing his mind, seemingly overnight, on his decision about the Affordable Care Act. Rep. Michelle Bachman, the head of the Tea Party Caucus, deciding she will not seek re-election. (Campaign staffer investigation?)

To me, these actions are surprising and do not fit the character of the person. Here is the genesis of my little conspiracy theory.

We now live in an environment where there are no secrets from the government. I call it 1984’s “Big Brother” with Political Correctness being the beginning of “NewSpeak ” and the “Thought Police” are now forming as the Nudge Squad. My first reaction to Roberts and Bachman was, “what do they have on him/her?”

Yes, even the Congress and Senate who voted for the passage of these abilities to spy are now surprisingly in the target zone of these unconstitutional programs.

And for muscle we could change the name of the IRS into the KGB since they now are the Enforcers and have their share of the billions of rounds of hollow point cartridges. Alarm! These cartridges are only shot from black assault rifles and used to kill people! Right Di-Fi? Question why does the government want to kill people?

Do you really think signing all those petitions and calls to the Reps. and Senators will matter? I hope so but with the background of the President (which the media did not investigate) and his appointees (which reflect a Communist/ Marxist point of view), everyone is susceptible to the threats of extortion and blackmail or just an audit by the FBI or the IRS or the ATFE or even OSHA.

My critics will say I rant but the media would have us forget the “phony” Fast & Furious, Benghazi, James Rosen of Fox News, IRS targeting of right wing 501c3’s, Holder lying to Congress, Obama’s Cabinet members lying to Congress, and on and on.

And now, just in time, or is it on cue, we have the New York mayoral race as an added distraction.

Gregory Weigle

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom