Questions unasked

It’s not surprising that no one wanted their name on the shoddy piece of propaganda (“Separating gas drilling fact from fiction study is a good first step,” 8/4/13) which capped your biased reporting of the recent staged hearing by members of the Congressional Natural Gas Caucus at Penn Tech in Williamsport. Here are some inconvenient questions neither those politicians nor you have addressed.

How were those testifying chosen? If any of them raised any of the serious problems involved and there are many you certainly didn’t report it. How does one determine the economic value of anything without costing the harms it causes?

How many cases of childhood asthma will result from the gas boom? 0? 1,000? 100,000? Will you accept personal responsibility for them? To say nothing of all the other health problems we will be seeing down the road.

Isn’t the expected lifespan of a well casing 50 years? Don’t DEP statistics show more than 6 percent fail immediately? What is your plan for dealing with tens of thousands of failed casings? Not your problem? Industry doesn’t acknowledge it as theirs; they may not mind leaving a huge mess for your grand kids, do you?

What’s your comment on the New York State Council of Churches’ joining the call for a ban on fracking? Or the recent NOAA study which determined that 6-12 percent of the production in the Utah gas field they studied is leaking? At the very least, shouldn’t you be concerned that local landowners might be losing 6-12 percent of their royalties?

John Kesich


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom

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