Racism talk

When a human being kills or offends another human being and there is no evidence at all whatso ever that the actions were a result of racism, why can’t we just assume it had nothing to do with racism? Why as human beings do some of us feel the urge to automatically assume it is racism? The saddest part about this is that groups designed to stop the oppression of African-Americans now seem to be designed to cry racism every time an African-American ends up in the news. These groups of people who have been in the streets picketing the results of the Zimmerman trial on account of ‘racism’ and rioting are every bit as racist as those who we refer to as skinheads.

One of the biggest factors that divides humanity is our apparent desire to think that every action is a result of racism. To think that any time we talk to, look at, or walk by another human being, we are seeing nothing but the color of their skin. What is so hard about looking at the facts, getting to know a person before forming an opinion on them, giving them the benefit of the doubt?

It is not untrue that in this city we have had several shootings that have been committed by African-American individuals. Do you truly believe there isn’t a single white person that has committed a crime in this city? Do you truly believe there isn’t a single Hispanic or Asian, or “enter your preferred race” that has committed a crime in this city or this country or this world?

This isn’t a race issue; it’s a human natural and mental state issue. Some people are just bad people, evil people, mentally sick people, and some flat out have no respect for the lives of others. It isn’t about race and I’m so sick of reading a Letter to the Editor every single day from people in Lycoming County that suggests that every single action that is taken by human kind is the result of Racism.

The fact you think everyone around you is racist is stereotypical, profiling, and in some cases, racist in itself. Do you really want the city and the world to change? Because if you do, it starts with accepting each other for who they are, not what they look like and it requires ending your constant need to assume every single crime, action, or statement in this country is a result of racism.

Yes, racism exists, none of us are naive to that, but stop abusing the existence of it by calling out “racism!” Every time you don’t agree with a decision or every time someone gets arrested.

I come from a very diverse family and I’m proud of it!

Wesley W. Hickok


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom