The other day, I was riding around in my care listening to the radio. This, quite frankly, is what a lot of people do. I turned on a station, WXPI, of which I was becoming familiar. Low and behold, I heard the word, “prayer.” Someone momentarily expounded on its power. The program’s content was music and news.

Then, I heard the word, “salvation” and some venerable people exhorted its value. That alone told me that someone or people in that station had their feet on solid ground.

Unlike most media today, the fact that the Biblical truths were mentioned was quite refreshing. Consider the fact that most of the time you listen to the radio, you’d think the content was written by the devil. You know, he is a powerful force in the world.

You know kids (young people) are listening to this immoral content and filth while they are riding around in their cars. Remember, it is garbage in, garbage out. They are not passively listening to it either, because you can hear them a block away.

Mayor Gab Campana, Chief Foresman, and the ilk are trying their best to solve the serious crime in the area. Recent crimes like stabbings and murder are rampant. Imagine all radio stations working together, broadcasting moral veracious content, in all their programs. If we had quality music, programs backed by Biblical truth, etc., the kids would not have a choice but to listen. Soon enough, the impact would touch their hearts and minds and goodness would replace hate, low self-esteem, and pride in community. The cooperation of the media would no doubt have some positive affect on them.

When I was eight years old, I learned how to shoot guns in church. Yes, I was in Cub Scouts in St. Mark’s Church. Every kid (about 60 of us) had to learn how to use and shoot guns as a part of our program. We were all expert marksman by age ten. We got merit badges and awards and in all my life, I never heard of any of those kids ever getting in trouble with a gun or used it improperly.

We need to give our support to the officials in charge and leaders who are making an effort to turn this huge problem around.

Alan Cohick

Cogan Station