Regarding flouride

I read with concern and interest regarding the front-page story about a local dentist seeking removal of fluoride from the Williamsport drinking water. As a local dentist and dental researcher, I have seen the first-hand effects of fluoride which have taken a huge bite out of decay nationwide. I would respectfully ask that anyone seeking to remove fluoride from our water source go to the leading source for information concerning this subject, which is the American Dental Association.

The ADA’s statement reads “fluoride is the most effective public health measure for the prevention of dental caries and strongly urges that its benefits be extended to those served by communal water systems”. Fluoride in our water system remains safe and effective! The Surgeon General Dr. Regina M. Benjamin endorses community water fluoridation, as does Health and Human Services, and The Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Every state dental society in the United States also endorses water fluoridation. It is a fact that fluoride has decreased decay by 20-40 percent in our nation. It is one of the greatest health benefits to the people in our country. There will always be some fringe advocates that will spread misinformation from a few regarding this subject. I would be glad to give the ADA recommendations to any patient and to any dentist including Dr. Cipolla.

By the way, I have treated all three of my children with fluoride, and encourage them to drink the water here in Williamsport because the benefit of fluoride in the water is great. None of my children have EVER had a cavity! Thank you WMWA for continuing to provide a great health benefit for our city!

Dr. Richard Troxler DMD


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom