Step up

It is a PR nightmare: In a town that desperately depends on college students and Little League Baseball, a heroin epidemic and a wave of violence hurt’s Williamsport’s image as a safe place.

How many times have I heard Williamsporters, past and present, denigrate the city? People tell me, “I am glad I moved!” or “I would go to (the store) at 10 p.m., but I am afraid of getting mugged.” or “I don’t come into town, it’s not safe.”

But this time, there really is a problem… and despite what the mayor says, cops in black shirts won’t solve the problem. He proposes to put more cops on the street but hesitates to say where the money will come from to hire those officers.

Violence and illegal drugs hurt everybody. The entire community needs to step up and make a stand… Unarmed, of course.

Richard James


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom