The fuss

On July 18, the Sun-Gazette published an editorial supporting the Pennsylvania voter ID law, and questioning the legal challenge to it. The editor noted that everyone “Republicans and Democrats” agree on “the sanctity of one vote per person,” and concluded by asking, “what’s the fuss?” [Why challenge the law?]

An article in “Forbes” explains the fuss. The article noted that supporters of the law estimated the cost of implementing it to be about $5 million, while the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center estimated the cost to be $11 million. These figures do not include the cost of the litigation needed to sustain the law or the cost to registered voters who must spend time and money to get to locations where free voter IDs can be obtained.

By conservative estimates, taxpayers will have to pay well over $10 million to fund this law. “What’s the fuss?” Let’s start by noting that in the trial the State stipulated there “have been no investigations or prosecutions of in-person voter fraud in Pennsylvania; and the parties do not have direct personal knowledge of any such investigations or prosecutions in other states.”

“What’s the fuss?” It is fiscally irresponsible to fund unnecessary laws. Should taxpayers spend millions replacing a sound bridge when there are many that are in disrepair? Tax dollars, especially in times of tight state budgets, ought not be used to fund unneeded legislation.

Moreover, the editorial ignores the videotaped speech of June 23, 2012 in which Republican State House leader Mike Turzai, while listing the achievements of the Republican legislature, included “Voter ID which will allow Governor Romney to win Pennsylvania: Done.” (Google: Turzai + June 23, 2012)

It seems the editor favors funding legislation to stop voter fraud that does not exist, and embraces vote manipulation that has been openly admitted by the Republican House majority leader. That’s the fuss.

Richard Morris


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom