The hidden effect

While it is a fact that black males murder other black males at a much higher rate than white males who murder black males, those who use that rationalization to defend stand your ground laws and the George Zimmermans of this country are not seeing the forest through the trees. I can see the forest and I’m a middle class white male. Drug deals gone sour and gang warfare are most likely at the heart of the violence. But the mainstream media doesn’t usually dwell on the social economic, and psycghological reasons why people do and deal drugs in the first place. Or, why black males rob convenience stores at a much higher rate than white males.

If you’ve been the victim of institutionalized racism it means you’ve been discriminasted against, initially in school and later on in the job world–when it cpomes to getting decent employment You see yourself as a second class citizen in this country if you are economically badly off but also if you have a sense of inferiority because you’re black. Most of us, I believe, have a verty strong desire to escape from low self esteem as well as a desire to improve our financial situation in the midst of perceived affluence. These two factors increae the conditions for violence in black communities. And violence supports the stereotype of black males being up to no good when white people see them on the streets.

Racist attitudes are thus re-enforced. It should be no surprise to the African-American community that George Zimmerman stalked and later killed Trayvon Martin.

Richard Sahn

Cogan Station

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom