Touchy racial divide

I am somewhat surprised, that Scott Rasmussen article was published in the Sun Gazette, on July 27. Confronting America’s touchy racial divide is nothing more than a fictional story, which contains no facts.

Mr. Rasmussen states that black and white Americans have different histories. The history of the Civil War, World War 1 and II, Vietnam War, Korean War, Iraq and Afghanistan War, show that many black and white Americans where killed, fighting for our Country. This is our history, which we Americans share. Black and White men and women gave their lives to protect this Country. This is the history that I was taught in school. Sure, there where many cases of wrong doing, but not by my generation. Yes! The United States had done wrong to the American Indian and Japanese Americans were treated very badly.

The justice system does not look at white, or black. The system is based on green. If you have money, you can get away with all most anything.

Mr. Rasmussen stated that the Zimmerman jury was an all-white jury. The lady that appeared on ABC, with Robin Roberts, was not white. Why does Mr. Rasmussen omit this?

Mr. Rasmussen does not state that Mr. Zimmerman was Hispanic, not white?

Mr. Rasmussen does not have the facts straight, nor is he being truthful. Everything that he states is nothing more than, his opinion. He needs to get his fact straight; money is what wins in our legal system.

I believe that I spoke in simple terms that Mr. Rasmussen may be able to understand. I know that the readers of this news paper understand what I am saying.

This matter of writing is like math; 1 plus 1 equals 2. If you state other wise, you are wrong.

Steve Hertel


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom