Until we don’t have it

People don’t know what they have until they don’t have it. Fire, floods, all terrible losses. But years ago, you carried your water, washed clothes in a wringer washer, if you were lucky enough to own one, baked your bread, slaughtered your pigs for food, hunted for turkeys for meals, hunted for venison.

Today the washer and dryer does the work, but you still hear people say, “I’m so tired” of washing clothes, today people who have the means move into new homes with everything in it. Back years ago, you worked to buy a home that needed repairs, no water, no washer and dryer. Quit complaining with what you have today. There’s so many homeless families out there that have nothing. If you’re that lucky to have a nice home, count your blessings and God. Please give to Family Promise to help the home less people, they are not all drunks and lazy people.

Donna J. Lambert

South Williamsport