Veiled tax grab

Mayor Campana’s recent attempt to pass an ordinance to register tenants is just another veiled attempt to try and collect additional tax dollars. In a recent Sun-Gazette article, Mayor Campana let the truth come out when he mentioned the added revenue that could be had with a higher census figure. Once before a previous administration tried passing a similar ordinance registering unaccounted for persons living in Williamsport rentals.

The purpose is to levy taxes on an overlooked and untaxed segment of our society. That ordinance never was implemented. this latest ordinance paraded as a necessary tool for crime control is a farce.

The codes department already knows who the problem landlords are and the police already know where the majority of crime happens in the city. There is no need to burden the majority of honest landlords with yet another requirement. Do your jobs and let us reputable landlords and tenants alone

Jeff T. Bower


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom