Where we’d be

Have you ever asked yourself where we’d be today without natural gas and other fossil fuels? No Industrial Revolution. No automobiles, no airplanes, no air conditioners, no dishwashers, and no of the other modern conveniences we all depend on.

Pennsylvania has long been a leader in fossil fuel development. In the mid- 1700s, fuel needed for the Industrial Revolution was supplied by coal mines located in Pa. By 1995, Pennsylvania was the fourth largest coal producing state in the nation. In the 1850s after the first successful commercial oil well was drilled in Titusville, Pa., an oil boom similar to the California gold rush began in western Pennsylvania. Now, with the discovery of the Marcellus Shale Gas Field in our area, historians may soon compare the development of the natural gas field in Pennsylvania to the California Gold Rush and the western Pennsylvania Oil Fields.

All one needs to do is look around to see the recent development in Lycoming County: new hotels, new banks and new restaurants. Let’s not forget all the new jobs that have been created in our area since the natural gas industry arrived.

Since the mining process known as hydraulic fracturing began to be used in Pennsylvania, those opposed to the extraction process and/or the use of fossil fuels, claim our environment and regulate the natural gas industry; they persist.

I favor the development of renewable energy, however, until such sources are readily available in quantities sufficient to meet our needs. I will continue to use my fossil fuel powered air conditioner, dishwasher, automobile and other conveniences that make life easier while preserving our environment. What about you?

Pat Brobson