Whine and crackers

There have been several letters about racism and where people feel that it is being portrayed in our lives. A recent letter on that subject caught my attention. It is a letter written and submitted by Ida Temple from Mansfield. She asked if Rep. Charles Rangel was a racist for using the term ‘crackers’ when speaking about the Tea Party. Rep. Rangel called them “white crackers” as well as “crackers”. So is the word as used by Rep. Rangel a racial slur? Does the history behind the terminology carry with it a suppression of their voting rights? Discriminatory laws and practices against them? Have they been lynched for being a “cracker”? Did any of them have to protest, fight in court, survive abuse, enslavement, economic disadvantage because they where a ‘cracker’?

Ms. Temple states she deplores the use of derogatory statements no matter where they came from. I would like to know what she thinks of the following;

How about the breeding and bloodline speech from Ken Crow a co-founder of the Tea Party at a large Tea Party gathering.

Tea Party candidate Jules Mason, after he lost his election bid, went to Facebook and vented his disappointment in his loss by raging that we need to assassinate President Obama, his wife and his two “monkey children”. He eventually took it down and sort of apologized by saying he was within his rights to say what he said.

Then you have the case of Phil Russo, a conservative activist and Tea Party founder in Orlando, Florida. He became alarmed at the growing racism and hypocrisy within the Tea Party. He even stated that fact and fought against it in the Tea Party. His reward for doing so was being called a traitor and a liberal. It should be noted that ‘liberal’ is a derogatory word as used by the Tea Party.

Ms. Temple wrote the following sentence in her letter, “Prominent people like Rangel are stirring the pot to keep the young blacks feeling hatred towards the races.” That pot is already stirred and the sentence is very offensive. Recent rulings on civil rights, voting rights attacked, immigration reform have all contributed to the stirred pot. The people from the Tea Party like those mentioned only add insult to the injury.

It should be noted that the “darlings” of the Tea Party are now being questioned as to whether they really are Tea Party material Marco Rubio for his work on immigration reform and there is a whispering about Ted Cruz and his citizenship, he was not born in America. Just how American is he? People in the Tea Party are starting to ask.

I do agree that we need to elect people who will represent us and our interests. I am not so sure that the whine and crackers being served up by the Tea Party is the right choice for me or for America.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom