Williamsport is broke

No, I do not mean financially broke, I mean physically broke. The streets are in terrible condition. Yet the administration, City Council, or whoever, is borrowing money to remodel a section of Bowman Field and now for more streetlights? Unbelievable. Does anyone else see the flaw here? The criminals are brazen enough these days to pull off their crimes in broad day light. If a street light is installed, what prevents them from going out back of a house, in the alley, or elsewhere.

If it is this easy to borrow money, how about borrowing the money to fix up what we already have. The recent money that came into the city that is going toward street paving, and the list of streets that are going to get paved, is a drop in the bucket to the number of streets in the city that need paved. How long is it going to be after this paving until we see the next batch of street paving, months, years, decade? We had friends in from outside the area and they commented about the poor condition of the streets, so it is not just the residents who notice.

The water lines are broke. Yes, I know the Water Authority is not a part of the administration, or under the authority of City Council, (at least that is how it appears). When are they going to fix their water lines? I have witnessed two fires in Newberry where the water lines / pressure failed. It’s past time for the City to get on their (WMWA) case and get these fixed.

And by the way, exactly who is in charge of the sidewalks in the City? In some cases, they too are in bad condition. One time you hear that the sidewalks are in City property, the next time you hear it is the residents responsibility to fix them. If in fact they are on city property, why should the residents pay their hard earned money to repair them? I am quite sure the City will not come onto your property and pay to fix something you own.

Stop worrying about where the next parking deck, parking lot, hotel, department store, ice hockey team is going to go. Put all that effort into getting fixed what we already have. Forget about this new stuff until later.

There is an old saying that the City of Williamsport needs to pay attention to. “If’n it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And change that saying to “If’n it is broke, fix it.”

William Sober, Jr.


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom