Wrong priorities

Today a politician does not do what is right for the citizens but on what their respective party dictates.

It seems that we are no longer a country, “For the people by the people.”

The donors to each political party believe they are one-hundred percent right, no matter what. This being the case, politicians will do as “Told” by a party and its chairperson. Is this not the beginning of socialism, which ends up being communism, usually?

Some politicians do want to follow the constitution. However, because of their party affiliation, they do what the party dictates. For instance, it seems that we do not have freedom of religion, (Praying, etc), voting, (fraudulent ballots), protests, (marches, letters, etc), and our votes can be overturned by a judge, (state/federal), due to a politicians party affiliation, not because of our Constitution.

“We the People,” must take charge. Those that do not vote need to and those of us who do must vote out any person who does not follow the Constitution.

Of course, being a free, constitutional nation will not happen overnight; after all, it took years to become a socialist nanny nation.

When we receive handouts, (Welfare/Food Stamps), and then it is taken away to force us to work and support ourselves; (of course some honest people cannot work), we riot and cause havoc through burnings, destruction, and stealing.

When all of us commit to seeing that this great nation remains free and belongs to the citizens of the United States of America, then, and only then, will we remain free and nobody will be able to make us puppets on a string.

I fear that we are becoming a nation of citizens who do not have a voice, vote, or a government that will honestly “Represent” us. Is it our own fault because we sit back and do nothing?

How do we put a dent into such erroneous actions? Only time will tell after we raised our voices loud and clear. “We can put a stop to such fraudulent actions.”

Ida Temple

Mansfield tea Party

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom