911 ride thank yous

Another 911 Ride is now history. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that was involved in the planning and implementation of another successful event. To the hundreds of volunteers who gave so graciously of their time and talents, the businesses who donated many needed items, the hospitality of the Clinton Township Volunteer Fire Dept. who made us feel like family and above all the men, women, and children who lined the 42-mile long ride route to cheer us on in the pouring rain a heartfelt thank you!

Without your support this event would never have grown to what it has become. There were many incredible sights to be seen from the ride, with flags, banners, colorful patriotic displays, but the most poignant were several groups of ROTC cadets at attention, a lone Marine standing tall, and above all on the way to Hughesville, in a large field surrounded only by the lush grass stood a Naval officer in full dress uniform, standing ramrod straight, offering the most perfect salute I had ever seen in my military career.

These are the things that make this nation so great its people. And speaking of people & Hughesville, it came to my attention that the quick action of the townspeople to cleanup storm damage on the street allowed our ride to safely continue.

Gary Smith


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom