About the cats

I am writing this letter of concern to the writer of “Cat Concerns.” First of all, I’d like to say I am an animal lover. Cats are not one of my favorites, yet, I do care what happens to any pet or animal. I cannot believe you would post for them to buy a product to keep a cat out of their own yard. Did the question ever dawn on you: Wonder if they don’t want the cat in their yard.

I feel that if a person wants an animal then they are fully responsible for the pet. Cats running loose are a menace. They dig in trash, claw our screens. I would never have a cat in my home because of the smell..

We have two dogs. I keep them indoors and outdoors. They are always tied and not allowed to wonder. I do use a shock collar if one is out with me. They both are up to date on shots, and licensed..

Makes me wonder why someone would let an animal wonder if not inoculated. I am not saying the cat isn’t. Rabies is a factor, and other diseases.

Still, the cat population is so tremendous. And it is progressing. I also had thought in a town or city, they or any pet is not to be able to run about.

The SPCA is here to help animals. If the person or persons trapping the cats were in the wrong, I am sure they would be fined.

As for your neighbors afraid to let their cats out, great! That is the best thing to happen for them and the cat. They will know it is taken care of as long it is indoors. Think about this. How many times have you read where a tragic abuse happens to an animal running free outdoors. Sometimes they are beaten, burned, shot at. I have read numerous horrible things.

Best to keep our pets where we can care for them, as much as they care for us.

Deb Zeigler


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom