Brandon Park

For the past 12 years, I had the pleasure of walking my two huskies through this beautiful park. Spring time, the air was fresh and had the fragrant smell of blossoms. Different smells for the dogs to explore.

Summer came, and lots of activities in the park. We would walk later at night since it was cooler for the dogs. Fall next, and the leaves fell from the trees. Oh, how they loved walking through the leaves. Winter arrived, and the dogs couldn’t wait to go for their walk in the snow. After all, they are Siberian Huskies.

During all those years, Kita, Kiyah and myself made many 2 legged and 4 legged friends. A few city police new me as “the old guy with the two big dogs”. The dogs favorite was Retired Officer John Heck. He carried dog treats in the police car.

One special friend of mine was Dr. Cooper. In his later years, I had the opportunity to visit with him about once a month. Our conversation always centered around Brandon Park. I would always give him a report on the park.

On August 6th, Kiyah made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge, and one week later, August 12th, Kita followed. Our hearts are broken but we know we will meet again. To Brandon Park, I say thank you for all the happy memories I will always have.

Gary Keller


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom