I think kids need to leave other kids alone and I think that people need to understand on what the issue is about and why is it happening in the first place. I also think that kids today think that they can get away with everything and not get into any kind of trouble or problems with their teachers, parents and other kids and that they should be told not to pick on others kids like naming calling.

But I think parents and teachers should be on the lookout for anything that deals with any kind of bullying like cyber, etc. I have been a victim of bullying and still being bullying today, I almost paid the ultimate price by trying to kill myself.

I also think that people need to calm down and keep out of others people’s matters. I also think that if a child is down and is sitting by himself at lunch, I think another kid should go over and sit with them and I also think that if a child is bullying, I think that they should pay the price and maybe jail or counseling and both if it’s needs to be. When someone says there are friends with you, they need to act like it, instead of acting like the one who is doing the bullying or a jerk. A friend should be a friend and not a so-called friend.

Scott Schanbacher


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom