Cat abuse

After reading the Aug. 29, letter, “Cat Concerns”, by Nancy M. Treese, I’m just shook my head in wonderment and then something popped in my head that my grandfather told me years ago. He said son you just can’t fix stupid.

It’s pretty ignorant to have a cat loose and roaming around in the neighborhood with the definite chance of getting hit by a vehicle, getting into neighbors’ trash, going to the bathroom in the neighbors’ flower and/or vegetable gardens. It shouldn’t be to the expense of the neighborhood to buy repellent to keep some inconsiderate neighbor’s cat away.

The letter writer states police did nothing about the person who trapped the cats; of course not. It was roaming the neighborhood.

The owners are lucky that $40 is all they paid to get their cat back; they should have been heavily fined by the police.

To leave one’s cat loose in the neighborhood is abusive to the cat as well as to your neighbors.

George Lockett


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom