Changes needed

Criminals should be handcuffed behind their backs. Firearms fall under the ATF, so why not charge the most recent offenders all with federal firearms crimes? I got that from watching O’Reilly ha-ha-ha.

Take all government out of marriage, Kathleen Kane, before you disrespect Pennsylvanians and mimic Eric Holder by ignoring your job and/or the law which is on the books.

Her campaign mantra was to take on the boys club down in Harrisburg; seems you just replaced it with your own private ideas. Or is that part of the meaning of Commonwealth that she can make up her own rules or her own interpretations of existing laws.

I recall a similar scenario of a woman in office that took on the corrupt club and won, all while balancing her budgets via line item vetoes and such. She also took on the big ol’ oil companies and won, progress happened there. John Paul Getty said oil is worth more in the ground, so she called them on that and canceled their contracts if they didn’t drill it ASAP.

Her DVD, “The Undefeated,

” is very highly recommended. Shovel ready jobs actually happened, line item vetoes, balanced budgets, surplus accounts and progress.

John Nile Updegraff


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom