Senator Gene Yaw’s opposition to legislation clarifying the definition of royalty as referenced in the Guaranteed Minimum Royalty Act is confounding. Apparently Senator Yaw has assumed the position of chief spokesman and lobbyist for Chesapeake Energy after they terminated local “corporate development” staff.

Senator Yaw has disparaged his constituents and referred to them as “ignorant” for humbly requesting their state senator fight for their rights in Harrisburg. Apparently not content with being paid over $82,000 a year as a “full time” legislator (not including a generous pension, health care plan and $159 per day for merely setting foot in Harrisburg and collecting a salary from a law firm that receives government money, Senator Yaw is moonlighting as a state Supreme Court Justice and determining the constitutionality of bills before they are written, introduced, or signed into law.

Sen. Yaw has deemed any effort to clarify the Guaranteed Minimum Royalty Act as unconstitutional. He compared amending the GMRA to infringing on our right to bear arms during a recent agriculture forum in Towanda. I do not recall an amendment in the Constitution enshrining the right of gas companies to deduct excessive post production costs; perhaps I’m “ignorant.”

The 23rd Senatorial District needs a state senator who respects his constituents and fights for them in Harrisburg. If Bradford County wanted a condescending make-believe jurist, we would have elected Judge Judy.

Ken Brooks