Contagious attitude

Quotes from “What’s on your mind?”, such as our society has taught us to favor individuals over groups, which creates isolationism, because we have allowed ourselves to become puppets. We have been sucked into a competitive nature to do better financially than anyone around us. This contagious attitude only separates us. In reality, we are all swimming in the same pool.

Let’s stop projecting Alex Rodriguez as a saint in the baseball world, just because he hauls in $28 million yearly as the highest paid professional in pro baseball. If his income was equal to other players, his name would never have appeared in local newspapers.

Headlines read: ‘Three PSU ex-officials to stand trial in Sandusky abuse scandal.” This should have taken place before Joe Paterno was wrongly humiliated and chastised publicly, by the Board of Trustees of Penn State and the NCAA.

How many citizens in Lycoming County who read “The Chamber View,” got hit in the face with the paragraph that reads as follows? “While I do not know for certain, all reports are the Democrats were all holding the ‘party line’ so that would mean Rep. Mirabito as well. It is very disappointing when partisan politics is more important than what is good for the taxpaying constituents.” Wake up world, this sounds like a bunch of Republicans in a Confession Booth.

Our president wants to raise the hourly wage to $9.00, Florida wants $10.50 and others demand it be raised to $15.00 an hour. I sympathize with any adult who must work for minimum wages. For part time employment by student in high school or college, I don’t.

My view on this subject has to do with many of the 50 million retired senior citizens in this country, who are trying to survive on social security checks only. The amount of our monthly checks are equal to receiving $5.00 an hour, $200.00 a week, $800.00 a month, $9,600.00 a year, for thousands of senior citizens. For anyone working for $7.25 at minimum wage you would have an income of $14,500 a year.

We are retired, unable to no longer work, we are compelled to pay county and property school taxes and we are not gifted with food stamps. Until we are treated equal to other groups of Americans, don’t expect us to condone the wishes or demands of others, unless our fate is taken into consideration.

Weldon C. Cohick Jr.