Energy games

I wasn’t at the Pennsylvania Energy Games the whole day but when I was there a man who got up on stage before the performers started singing and one thing he said stuck in my head for awhile. He said the something along the lines that the gas workers are misunderstood.

I’m not sure what he meant but I disagree with him. Don’t get me wrong (and I’m sure I will get some negative comments about this) but I am all for people finding good paying jobs in today’s economy and I have friends who work in the gas industry and I am not referring to every single gas worker out there.

They come into this area from out of state. Take up all the hotel/motel rooms so that when you have friends from out of the country come to visit that you haven’t seen in over 20 years they can’t find a place to stay. They make it hard for anyone that has lived here all their lives to be able to find an apartment to live in for their family cause all the landlords “save them for the gas workers” cause they will pay mega bucks to live there.

Many times I have seen friends post on Facebook looking for apartments for single mothers with small kids because they can’t afford where they are living since the landlords jacked their rent sky high and are forced to move. I know that’s not the gas workers’ fault if the landlords want to be greedy, but it doesn’t help when they flash their big bucks around taking everything from the ones who are trying hard to make a living with what they have.

Not only that, but they think they own the roads too. They think they can drive however they want, riding on people’s bumpers and just plain old driving like idiots.

Yes, I’m sorry I misunderstand them.

Lori Tawney


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom