Excellent decisions

Congratulations to the Montgomery School Board for recently making some excellent decisions. The first was to hire Kyle Mowrey as a full-time teacher and the second was to hire him as head wrestling coach. Anyone who knows Kyle, knows that he puts his heart and soul into whatever he does.

He has proven himself to be a compassionate and dedicated teacher who puts the needs of his students first. Anyone who has worked as a high school teacher knows that coaching is ever so much more effective when the coach is also a faculty member at the institution where he is coaching.

Anyone who knew Kyle as a student-athlete knows he had an exemplary work ethic along with the very best of good sportsmanship attitudes. Consequently, Montgomery has now added a new staff member with excellent teaching skills, even better people skills, an outstanding knowledge of young athletes and what they need and a heart as big as Colorado!

Knowing Kyle, I’m sure he perceives the controversy surrounding his being hired as head wrestling coach as a learning experience and will take the good and lose the bad. To the parents of those students to be taught by Kyle and those young men fortunate enough to be coached by Kyle, your students now have the rare opportunity.

Elizabeth Ann Thompson


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom