Flight shortcomings

Unfortunately, the Sun- Gazette fails to realize why so few people use the airport reduction in flights from the 1960s-70s, when usage was at its peak, with 10 or 11 flights to three, and from eight major cities to one.

We had direct flights to Boston, Newark-New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit and Buffalo by three airlines (Allegheny, Capital, TWA), and the planes were dependably on time but not now. The 4 p.m. plane flies over my house late at least 50 percent of the time.

The last pork project for a “badly” needed new terminal with check-in counters increased to three (two have never been used) resulted in flight and destination reductions, 5 to 3 flights and 2 to 1 . Also increased time to reach your destination plus missed connections because unlike the 1960s when you had no connections to reach these cities, you are now required for seven of them.

I have a question. Why do you think a new building will increase usage, which has declined more than 50% ? I think that can only be done by more flights to more non stop (no connections to be missed) destinations.

We don’t need a building except for pork purposes like the Alaskan bridge to no-where would have been – Williamsport’s terminal to no-where. Oink, oink.

Thomas T. Taber


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom