Funding repairs

I have a message for Sen. Bob Casey and the rest of Congress regarding federal funding for the crumbling U.S. infrastructure: Stop sending our money to terrorists!

The Congress votes billions of our taxpayer dollars every year in attempts to buy friendship in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Palestine, Iraq , and elsewhere. Most of this money disappears down ratholes and winds up in the pockets of corrupt officials. Case in point: In 2010, Afghan president Karzai’s brother was seen at a casino in Dubai with a suitcase stuffed with American dollars. Afghanistan alone gets hundreds of millions of our dollars every year.

If this blatant waste of our money was just cut in half, there would be more than enough to fix every road and bridge in the country. It’s high time to stop feeding terrorists and take care of our own country’s ills.

Samuel Johns


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom