Good work

The city has decided to withdraw the ordinance which would require landlord’s to register their tenants with the codes office.

I was against this ordinance, and am extremely happy about the decision to withdraw it. I would however; like to address the comment made by Capt. Timothy Miller who stated that landlords are the first line of defense. Landlords are not in the business of fighting crime.

That is why we have a police force.

Landlords are in the business of providing safe housing in our community. The law states that we are not allowed to discriminate.

When we reject individuals for housing, we must have substantial reasoning for the rejection.

Simply believing that someone is a drug dealer does not qualify! Just as our justice system demands proof, so should we the people of this community before we decide to lump everyone into categories. I have a lot of good tenants.

Unfortunately, I have had some not so good ones and I have found legal ways to evict them.

I am not responsible to manage the lives of these individuals, nor do I feel that it is my job to play police.

So Capt. Miller, whether you believe it or not, we are on the same page, I do not want drug dealers living in my buildings or my community, and I am more than open to help deter crime, but I am not willing to become responsible for the actions of adults who I simply provide housing too.

To all local landlords who contacted me about this ordinance, I say good for you for standing up and speaking.

That is the only way to ever bring about change.

Keep up the good work!

Rhonda Santalucia


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom