His red line

Nobody talks about the red line that President Obama crossed.

Just like meathead from All in the Family. President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Secretary of State John Kerry and this administrations entire bunch of left wing phonies have spoken out about the Syrian situation without giving any consideration as to the outcome of our actions.

They have no plan. Never did. They’ve politicized a civil war between Assad’s Syrian army and other factional rebels including Hezbollah. We lose either way. Now in a rare moment he wants Congress involved. That way if it doesn’t work out. And it won’t. He can blame someone once again. You got it the Republican Congress.

Obama’s red line was supposedly the 1,400 Syrian civilians killed with chemical weapons. What about the 100,000 Syrians killed during the prior year by conventional weapons. World leaders surely consider Obama a clown and view the United States as a paper tiger. Worst of all this President is a hypocrite as he blowviates about innocent Syrian civilians being murdered.

Through taxpayer dollars, the Obama administration under Health and Human Services Director Kathlyn Sebelius has been responsible for the killing of tens of thousands of American babies through Planned Parenthood.(a.k.a. abortion). All those with a voice should give credence to this. To speak for those who cannot speak. Especially those in congress and in the senate.

Who knows, maybe we won’t have to go to war. If Russian President Putin can talk Assad of Syria into giving up his chemical arsenal, Obama can share the wealth and give Putin his Nobel Peace Prize.

And then we can deal with all those phoney scandals.

Jon Michael Hasselman


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom